With the Coronavirus in full force, the beauty industry was left to scramble to make sure that we had the correct sanitizers and disinfectants in our spas. It came as a big surprise when we discovered that many of the products marketed to us were not adequate to kill the organisms that we thought they did.

It took some time to research, but we eventually discovered the products that we needed to be safe and sanitary. In doing this research, I was reminded how many estheticians have inadequate training in the subject of sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization because of low educational standards in our industry schools.

I post all of my paid subscription articles on Patreon, and usually articles of this depth and time to research are posted behind the paywall, but in light of the pandemic situation I wanted to make sure that everyone, including the public, has access to accurate information that can help them navigate the complicated world of cleaning and disinfection products.

For the next three months (or as the situation unfolds) I am opening access to this in depth article on Sanitation, Disinfection, Sterilization, and the Coronavirus. It will help you to make sense of which products work, which ones you need, and how to make some things for yourself.

I hope everyone is still healthy and in safe places. Please stay at home and enjoy a break in the frantic rat-race.

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XO Cassandra Lanning
The Renegade Esthetician