What is an Adaptogen?

You would think that the name alone would make it clear, but that isn’t always the case. For me, it made it more confusing. I couldn’t get an explanation for what “adaptogen” meant. Adapting? To what? Of course, no one knew.

The first time I heard this term was around 2008 when I was using the Bioelements brand skincare line. They touted the use of many adaptogenic herbs in their products, yet in all their training I could find no clear explanation of what an adaptogen was. (Or maybe I am just dense? LOL). I understood that they used a lot of Chinese herbs and other natural ingredients, but as a brand new esthetician with no prior exposure to this kind of information I was left feeling very confused, as I suspect many new estheticians today feel when coming across unfamiliar terminology where there is no clear definition given.

It wasn’t until just recently that I came across a single sentence in my Nutritional Therapy group that summed it up concisely and clearly! It was like the light bulb finally turned on! I am definitely slow, but I make up for it by being thorough. This light bulb moment sent me off on a research dive using 2020 info, and lo and behold, there is now a ton of info that more clearly defines what an adaptogen is. So I rounded up all the info to break it down for you in VERY SIMPLE terms.

Adaptogens help your body adapt. Thank you. The end. LOLOL….

Well, that still doesn’t tell you WHAT it is adapting to. So let’s dig a little deeper...

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