While I was researching the info for The Amazing Cell course, I became super fascinated with the phospholipid bilayer and the Phospholipid Molecule itself.
I was making dinner one night and while in my kitchen I decided to make a model of the Phospholipid Molecule out of the foods that actually compose it. It turned out to be an amazing visual that really helped me to understand the importance of nutrition in relation to the cells, the body, and the skin. I thought it was so important that I wanted to create a Bonus Module to The Amazing Cell.

So if you haven't purchased The Amazing Cell yet, now is the time to do it because you will get the Bonus Module as well, all for the original price of $35. This price will be good until Oct. 1st. at which time the bundle course of The Amazing Cell and the Bonus Module - What is a Phospholipid Molecule? will increase to $50.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you think deeper about the nutrition needed to build healthy skin at a molecular level - because that is where it all starts. By understanding the composition of cells and molecules, you will be able to recognize the deficiencies of those nutrients when you see it presented in the skin.


Happy Learning!

Cassandra Lanning

The Renegade Esthetician